The Transformer oil test analysis and its maintenance.

Published: 02nd February 2011
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Transgear is one of the renowned companies in providing the Engineering Services to the industries. We are working here since 2003 with the better quality management. We are managed by the group of well qualified and highly experience engineers.

Transformer oil testing and analysis does require well known engineers to handle it.

Well, the Transformer oil is subject to the electrical and the mechanical stresses, when the Transformer is in operation. Along with this, due to chemical interactions with the windings and with some solid insulations. So, it requires regular oil testing in the heavy chemical and electrical industries. Also you need to make sure that the test will be suitable for additional use to work with necessary actions like rejuvenation/filtration has to be done.

Transformer oil Testing is segregated or splitted into;

  • Furan Analysis

  • PCB Analysis

  • Dissolved gas analysis

  • General electrical tests includes;

    • Color and appearance

    • Density

    • Dielectric factor

    • Flash point and so others.

The outcome of the Oil analysis exposes the internal condition of the Transformer which also helps in the early recognition of the embryonic faults. The Oil Analysis is an essential element of the Preventive Transformer maintenance to keep the smooth running of the machines.

Our Transformer Oil Testing is performed as per IS: 1866 at a fully equipped modern laboratory. And our major Transformer Oil Test includes;

  • Test parameters and Interfacial Tension,

  • Flash point, neutralization value (Acidity),

  • Di-Electric Strength (BDV) and Specific Resistance (Resistivity),

  • Moisture (Water) Content and Di-Electric Dissipation (Tanδ), 

  • Sludge Content. 

Our method of the test includes the ring method, Pensky martens, chemical Test, Electrode Type, 3terminal cell, Karl Fischer Titration, 3 Terminal Cell, Chemical Test. And the Reference standards will be followed by the IS: 6104-1971, IS: 1448(P-21)-1992, IS: 1448(P-2)-1967, IS: 6972-1992, IS: 6103-1971, IS: 13567-92, IS: 6262-1971, IS: 1866 Annex-A.

When, if there is any infection occurred due to chemical interaction, with windings and any other solid insulation, catalyzed with the high temperature in the operation. With the result of the original chemical properties of Transformer Oil test changes gradually, interpreting it with ineffective for its plan.

The transformer oil test analysis is conducted in a four different ways;

  • Extending the oil drain intervals proportionately.

  • Extend the routine internal equipment life of the transformer.

  • To identify the minor and major problems before they come across with any major failures.

Generally, the transformer oil testing is a contamination of a highly refined mineral oil, stable at the high temperatures with more excellent electrical properties. Most importantly, the Transformer oil Testing is subject to both mechanical and electrical conventions when the transformer is in the operation. The more information on conducting these industrial tests is available as per the industrial standards, where the testing will be done by either of the methods insisted by the industrial standards and technical requirements.

The transformer oil test is used in the oil filled transformers along with the high voltage capacitors and fluorescent lamp ballasts. It includes both the high voltage switches and the circuit breakers. The major function of the transformer oil is shielding, suppressing of corona and arcing and to be serving as the coolant. Our qualified and well equipped experts will provide you the right service at the customer expectation.

Transformer Oil test is not only the subject to its own deprivation, also it is the mode to bring the smooth functioning of the electrical equipments. Generally, the test will also be categorized with Color & Appearance, Breakdown Voltage, Water Content, Acidity (Neutralization Value), Dielectric Dissipation Factor, Resistivity, Sediments & Sludge, Interfacial Tension, Flash Point, Pour Point, Density, Kinematic Viscosity, Dissolved Gas Analysis, Furan Analysis. Along with the transformer oil testing, there will be a Lubricants testing, Oil condition Monitoring Testing, Oils and the Fluids Testing.

TRANSGEAR does provide all the kind of the better quality service to the transformers. Wherein, we are managed by the group of qualified and highly experienced engineers. Also the transformer repair in the Transgear brings you the quality you expect. And with the transformer testing is also been conducted at the best too. We are most powered by the well known consultants for the Transformer Oil Testing Laboratory.

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